What are the differences between the Single, Multissue, Monthly and Unlimited Licenses?

All of these licenses allow you to generate Apps that are completely customizable with your logo, icons, loading images, etc. There are different types of licenses:

  • Single: This license includes an App for iOS and Android with only one publication. Since there is no newsstand, the app directly opens the publication.

You have to consider that the publication must be uploaded together with the apps in the Apple and Google Stores. Editing this magazine is slower because every minimal change implies having to upload the magazine again.

  • Multissue: This license allows you to publish an app for iOS, Android and Web with a newsstand. The newsstand will allow us to upload more than one publication in the app.

The price is for each publication published inside of the newsstand and it includes different languages.

  • Monthly: This license allows you to publish a newsstand app for iOS, Android and Web. This license has a monthly cost with a one year commitment and it allows you to publish as many apps as possible each month inside the app.

  • Unlimited: This license allows you to publish multiple newsstand apps for iOS, Android and Web with multiple publications. This license is monthly with a one year commitment. The price will be set depending on the number of apps and publications inside the latter.

The licenses which include newsstands allow you to remotely manage the publications. In other words, the apps can be thought of as containers which once published in the app store, you will be able to upload different publications remotely through our platform without any intermediary.

The publications will be stored in your own server and will therefore not be managed by Büttonpublish unless the client specifically contracts our hosting service.